Relative Studio is a collaborative graphic design practice with
an open door to organisations and individuals with an open mind. For enquires, please email:
Relative Studio is a collaborative graphic design practice with an open door to organisations
and individuals with an open mind. For enquires, please email:
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An identity and packaging for a hand-picked assortment of organic french wines. A distinctive brand positioning—The finest French viniculture lovingly squeezed into a box—informs a bold graphic treatment; drawing inspiration from the cubist typography of artist Fernand Léger, it utilises every millimetre of available space on the box, with each facet spelling out the individual letters of BOBO.
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An identity for a furniture design studio producing extraordinary hand-crafted editions. Centred around a circular logotype that harks back to traditional makers’ marks, the identity can be used to denote an edition number on the products themselves.
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An identity for a pioneering, RIBA award-winning conservation project that aims to rescue one of Charles Rennie Mackintosh’ most renowned buildings. A steel and chain-mail ‘box’ simultaneously protects the original house during its restoration and provides visitors with unique views of the house in its environment. The identity utilises an adaptive monochrome pattern—that is both a contemporary reinterpretation of a recurring Mackintosh motif and an abstract representation of the woven steel surface of the new structure—to lead the visitor throughout the experience, from signage to souvenirs.
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Depot at Mayfield is a vibrant cultural destination made up of five distinct venues, occupying a former railway station-cum-postal depot in Manchester; a platform for a diverse programme of arts, music, culture and community events. The identity integrates the visual language of traditional train timetables—a coincidental visual link with the distinctive two-rivet columns of the venue’s Victorian steelwork—and the centrally-overprinted letterforms on registration cards used to differentiate types of rail cargo. Each event space is celebrated with its own unique letterform.
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Sg 5
An identity for a wholly sustainable luxury accessories brand. A bespoke font—specifically drawn to require 50% less ink when printed—combined with a messaging-led approach, creates a quietly confident visual tone of voice. For a timeless, neutral aesthetic, there is no visible branding on the products themselves: all product information is instead stored within integrated NFC patches.
An identity and digital presence for a unique RIBA-award winning holiday residence; a converted former millkeeper’s cottage nestled amidst the Norfolk Broads. The marque represents a contemporary reworking of the original datestone from 1698 set into the wall of the adjoining windmill, complete with rotating sails.
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An identity for a contemporary art gallery in Vienna. A bespoke typeface was re-drawn complete with charming idiosyncracies, informed by the painted sign on the original façade of the premises.
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Fenner 4
A mailable poster promoting the Sixties paper range by Fenner. Notable examples of modernist 1960s glassware are overprinted with captions printed on the reverse, highlighting the unique opaque quality of this stock.
Ce 1
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Ce 6
A name and identity for a pre-loved fashion initiative established by two creative partners; offering retail, alteration and styling services. A continuous logotype represents the perpetual cycle of use and reuse.
Sql 5
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A name and identity for a global initiative committed to producing a range of high-end textiles and yarns made entirely from recycled plastic waste collected from the world’s oceans.
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New Test2
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An identity for a new breed of wellness movement, gatecrashing some of the World’s most revered night-life venues; merging the transcendence of yoga and the euphoric power of dance music. The typographic treatment references vertically-oriented neon club signage as well as the range of inverted movement in yoga practice.
S Magazine is an annual fashion publication issued by Leica. Issue No. 4—The Youth Issue was curated by Rankin, showcasing the freshest talent in European photography and fashion. The magazine is presented in a ‘work in progress’ format, utilising a variety of ephemeral textures.
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A name and identity for a cultural venue housed in a Victorian power station that originally serviced West London’s world fair site. Steeped in industrial heritage whilst combined with a bold, contemporary approach, the visual language centres around the shape of the building’s iconic gable that also becomes a window for a vibrant range of content.
Sht 2
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Sht 1
The inaugural book by photographer Sophie Harris-Taylor is an autobiographical, fragmented, sporadic journal, capturing the moments between the momentous. The book alludes to a classical, leather-bound journal, fostering an intimate connection between photographer and reader.
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Supporting a groundbreaking display at Frieze Masters art fair—which meticulously recreated the 1968 Parisian apartment of a fictional art collector, complete with works by the likes of Picasso, Magritte and Dubuffet—The Collector is an exhibition catalogue communicated as an avant-garde art newspaper.
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